Establishing a successful business takes smarts, skill, persistence, and a little bit of luck. Keeping your business running and avoiding pitfalls—whether you are a well-oiled machine or growing like gangbusterscan take just as much tenacity and work. Let us take some of that work (and worry) off of your plate. 


We have advised established companies of all sizes, from solo entrepreneurs to a fourth-generation family business with dozens of employees to a Fortune 100 company. Many of our clients view Erica as "their counsel," a valued member of the business team and their first call when questions or problems arise. Established businesses may already have policies and practices in place, or they may be operating with handshake deals after years in business. Either way, they need advice on handling employee and founder issues, drafting and negotiating contracts, complying with local and federal laws and reporting requirements, and dealing with legal issues as they arise. Or perhaps it is time to formalize their employee procedures, protect their intellectual property, or address simmering problems before they boil over. We can help you tackle these tasks so you can go back to what you love doing.

Make us a part of your team. We bring years of experience counseling clients on legal standards and legal and business strategy. The Law Office of Erica Tennyson can help you take your business to the next level.